How I turned $22 into $132 in 5 days

(and how you can too)

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By now I’m sure everyone knows what bitcoin is.

If you own some great if you don’t reading this article should influence you to go get some bitcoin and test out my strategy if you want. Small amounts do work of course but for maximized profit and more earnings I suggest bigger amounts as you could be making a lot following my strategy. There will be a number of screenshots posted throughout this article as proof of strategy with proof of deposits, winnings, records, mathematically proven statements and of course, withdrawals. Certain parts of screenshots are covered up for privacy reasons. Share this article around as much as possible. Let everyone know how authentic it is.

Bitcoin is mooning. In this article, I will show you a tried and tested mathematically proven way to anonymously double your current holdings and cash out.

Basically what I did to flip my bitcoin was betting on sports games under an anonymous sportsbook. This took a period of 5 days from 12/1/2020 to 12/6/2020. I will share some opening screenshots and discuss “the vivid betting strategy”. Remember that you saw it on this post first. I am the originator.

Nitrogen Sports is a highly rated fully anonymous no KYC betting site where you bet using bitcoin on sports, casinos and poker games. My strategy involves none of that martingale system, scripts or beating the casino so don’t worry.

The site used is here:

Sign up now or during the time you read this article. If you’re feeling confident you can straight up deposit and test my strategy as you’re reading. You do this by leaving this article open as guidance then highlighting and right clicking to copy the link I sent you to the site in another tab to sign up. If you’re on mobile simply click the link and save it in another tab. Enjoy the article!!

Usernames and withdrawal ID’s will be covered up for privacy reasons.

Looking at the time and date of this deposit, 0.00174 bitcoin was worth $22.

I started off my account with a deposit of $22 to test my working strategy.

Now I will post the earnings I made up to that point. The screenshot below isn’t my final balance just the one the up to date one I had on that day which was 12/5.

This was my current balance in my account at that same time.

I will now introduce to you, The Vivid Betting Strategy.

This is an opportunistic moneyline based betting strategy that you have to time properly in order to find profit. Moneyline betting is simply betting on who you expect to win. Moneyline betting is the most simple way to wager on sports. Below I will share a zoomed in pre bet profitable opportunity screenshot. Remember, this is an example with proof of my working strategy.

I made my earnings strictly using my own strategy.

I basically log in from time to time and do an analysis on all the matches both live and future. Using live matches as a “cheat sheet”, I simply look at a match that’s ongoing or even almost complete, then I check the score and bam bet my full balance on it. Simple right? All you really have to do is analyze the in play sports matches then bet your full balance on a live match based on the score and how much time is left. Preferably, I do recommend you bet on soccer games. But, you can use my strategy to also scan the live basketball and football games too and see if any team late in the game has a comfortable lead. Place a bet on the team that’s in the lead.

Under the site I linked earlier you are allowed to place bets mid match on live games.

Think of the vivid betting strategy as getting the correct answers to a test midway or towards the end of the test before you turn it in for grading.

You’re betting strictly on the soccer team in the lead by 1,2 or 3 points depending on your confidence level in winning the bet. You also should factor in how much time is left. whether it be 45 minutes with the score 2–0 or even 3 minutes left with a 3–1 score. Skim the matches and find the right match you know a result to and jump on it.

You see how Miciton is up 2–0 right? I jumped on that match and bet full balance on it. There’s no guesswork. You’re betting on certainty not prediction. You analyze and bet on a result you know is going to happen. I knew Miciton would win that match. I saw the match progress and pounced on the opportunity to win the same way a cheetah would do a gazette it knows it will catch.

As seen in the referenced image above the cheetah goes after the gazette it KNOWS it’s going to kill. The same way you should go after a match result you are positive will happen. As for the record you don’t even have to know the team. I couldn’t careless about either team. Just check the scores and time remaining through live betting and place your bets. Why waste time/money paying for “premium” picks? Cappers? Tippers? Forget it. Just use the vivid betting strategy to analyze a live match and place your bet.

I can confidently bet my full balance on this match because I know 100% who will win.

Let’s discuss the leftover amount and the payouts. As you can see I have my full balance in play. The goldish bitcoin sign and amount to the left of my in play balance is worth $0.0076. That is the leftover balance for fee reasons. My full bettable balance as you see in the green MBTC sign is 0.00 as it should be since I bet full balance that is currently in play. At the time of my placed bet I had placed 6.05 MBTC($115) to win 6.47 MBTC ($124) Now I’m sure you’re laughing due to the measly $9 difference but I have had much bigger earnings. It’s a small profit now but profit is profit. Anything you can do to get more and more bitcoin is strongly recommended in this day and time.

Not only that but you can even scale up and bet the max on every timing based bet you do to earn so much more. You can even parlay bet to stack matches and earn even more profit. I just decided to take the $22 I had and keep scaling up. The max bet is at minimum 1000 MBTC which is the equivalent of 1 bitcoin. Just keep reinvesting earnings to earn more. Here is my log and record that I screenshotted that day.

From a $22 deposit I flipped it into $124 in 4 days with only 7 timing based bets.

I have placed a number of bets and every single one of them I win not because of guessing but because I know I will win before the bet is even placed.

7 bets placed. 7 wins earned with good profit made from the $22 I started with.

Notice how all of my bets are sports based and not using the casino/poker. You can try the vivid betting strategy with a casino and poker if that’s your thing but I recommend you do it on sports. Strategy and tactics are KEY to success.

Remember this quote while you’re analyzing every match.

Now then here comes one of the best parts of using my recommended site: privacy. When signing up under nitrogen sports you get anonymity. No phone number needed. No KYC or ID verification needed. Drop the overly regulated bitcoin exchange that you probably traded with in an attempt to earn profit. Sign up to the site and start earning!! The site is also international and is open to everyone. No need to use a VPN. All you have to do is deposit as much if not all the bitcoin you have and start betting using my strategy. The bigger the bet, the bigger the profit, the bigger the dopamine surge when you win. Make your dreams vivid. Stay far from timid. Work smart to live it. Here is a recent withdrawal I made on my other laptop that stores some of my bitcoin which was worth 2.4 MBTC which was $45 at the time.

My anonymous withdrawal

That $45 worth of bitcoin I took out is for personal use. It’s not much but just visualize yourself withdrawing $450 or $45000 if not more of earnings without providing verification. Verifications are a waste of time anyways. There are no limits to how much you can deposit withdrawal under that website. Sign Up under my posted link, Deposit, Analyze, Bet, Earn, Cash out. That simple. Here is my up to date to date bet log.

9 wins. 0 losses. As of the time spent posting this using my strategy.

12/17 Update:

I have spent over a week of using the vivid betting strategy, depositing and withdrawing earnings. I officially have 17 wins with ZERO losses. I will share some screenshots and show examples of just how profitable my strategy is.

A simple eye test will tell you the obvious winner of this match.

Here I will mathematically demonstrate a clear cut example of how profitable my strategy is. The maximum bet on that match is 1,005.71 MBTC or, $22,797.67 to be exact. The total return(payout) is 1,216.91 MBTC or, $27,585.20 to be exact. I will simply take the stake and subtract it from the total return to get the exact profit from that exact bet. $27,585.20–22,797.67 would come up to exactly $4787.53. That’s the amount you pocket off of one maximum bet under my strategy!!!! The potential of this is limitless. Imagine how much more bitcoin you can make!!!

The odds shifted just as I took the previous screenshot.

Remember, the odds of a match are ever changing so you MUST take advantage of all the profitable opportunities you see. I don’t mind letting that one pass because I had already planned on using that opportunity as an example to show you. As you can see, I don’t have the balance in my account to bet that high considering I’ve already cashed out most of my btc earnings to hodl. My current balance is nothing more then leftovers. That being said the profitable opportunities of this method are limitless. Take advantage of them.

As you can see from my bet slip, I won. Not surprising is it? If you’d like to sign up to the site and start betting I suggest doing it now. You can sign up straight from my betslip. As I said, bitcoin is mooning right now. It could be as high as $100,000 if not more one day. Take heed of this opportunity and make some more.

The strategy also works with parlay’s as you can see from scrolling into my wager log.

Using the vivid betting strategy you will time your bets properly and wisely. Excellence is your presence. Never tense. Never Hesitant.

Sign up and implement my strategy. Hope you enjoyed the read and the site. Now get out there and make some profit. If you need help just come back to this post and leave it open as you’re betting. I’m sure everyone could use extra earnings during this time. Go into the new years with a bang!!



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