How I turned $22 into $132 in 5 days

Usernames and withdrawal ID’s will be covered up for privacy reasons.
I started off my account with a deposit of $22 to test my working strategy.
This was my current balance in my account at that same time.
I made my earnings strictly using my own strategy.
Under the site I linked earlier you are allowed to place bets mid match on live games.
I can confidently bet my full balance on this match because I know 100% who will win.
From a $22 deposit I flipped it into $124 in 4 days with only 7 timing based bets.
7 bets placed. 7 wins earned with good profit made from the $22 I started with.
Remember this quote while you’re analyzing every match.
My anonymous withdrawal
9 wins. 0 losses. As of the time spent posting this using my strategy.
A simple eye test will tell you the obvious winner of this match.
The odds shifted just as I took the previous screenshot.
The strategy also works with parlay’s as you can see from scrolling into my wager log.




I share good ideas.

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vivid sharp

vivid sharp

I share good ideas.

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